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Chemical Storage Tanks - Development Trend Of Chemical Anti-corrosion Storage Tanks

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Due to the limitation of China's petroleum resources, we must make full use of foreign oil resources. At present, China imports thousands of tons of crude oil and several million tons of liquefied petroleum gas every year to meet the needs of the national economy and people’s lives. On the other hand, with the development of global economic integration and China’s imminent accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), China must vigorously increase its oil reserve resources in order to reduce the impact of the turmoil in the international situation on China’s economy. The above situation urgently requires us to vigorously increase our oil storage capacity and develop large-scale storage tanks. At present, (10~15) ten thousand cubic meters of floating roof tanks are the main tank types for storing crude oil in various countries in the world. Japan has built a large tank with a single tank capacity of 160,000 cubic meters, and also designed large-scale storage tanks of 180,000 cubic meters and 300,000 cubic meters. The

China has successively built more than a dozen 100,000 cubic meters of floating top crude oil tanks in Qinhuangdao, Huangdao, Zhoushan and Dalian, etc., which are the introduction of Japanese technology and major materials, resulting in 50,000 cubic meters and 100,000 cubic meters. Floating roof tanks have become the main tank type for crude oil storage in China. Due to the low steel consumption, investment and operating costs per unit capacity of large-capacity storage tanks, we are faced with the task of building larger-capacity storage tanks in order to adapt to the situation of China’s crude oil imports and appropriate reserves. The

For large gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel oil storage tanks, along with the large-scale production and processing facilities of petroleum and petrochemical companies, they are also moving toward large-scale development. Some petrochemical enterprises in Shenzhen have built a batch (2 to 5) million cubic meters of inner floating top finished oil storage tanks. The

For the storage of liquefied petroleum gas, large-scale normal-pressure low-temperature storage tanks should be vigorously developed in the coastal areas to meet the storage requirements for the increasing demand for liquefied petroleum gas (mainly imported).

For liquefied petroleum gas production enterprises, its main tank type will be to store 1,000 to 3,000 cubic meters of spherical tanks under normal temperature pressure. Because in these companies, LPG tank storage capacity is generally 7 days to 10 days of production. Due to the fast turnover of oil and the use of normal-pressure low-temperature storage, huge refrigeration equipment must be installed. The temperature of the liquefied petroleum gas produced at a production facility of approximately 40°C is reduced to -4°C (butane) to -42°C (propane The liquefied petroleum gas is generally shipped from railroad tankers, car tankers, or water transporters. Users do not require low-temperature liquefied petroleum gas. This will cause huge energy wastage and operational difficulties, so these liquefied petroleum gas It is not economically feasible for large-capacity normal-pressure low-temperature storage tanks to be used in production enterprises.

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