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Chemical Tanks Share The Issues Of Using Hydrochloric Acid Tanks

- May 15, 2018 -

What are the precautions for the use of hydrochloric acid tanks? What are the issues that need to be noted when using hydrochloric acid tanks? The safety of the hydrochloric acid tanks I believe it is important not to mention them. Let's take a look at the use of hydrochloric acid tanks.


Hydrochloric acid tanks should be placed in cement brick pedestals. The height of the base is generally half of the tank body. (Users may request free base design drawings from the company if necessary.) The base manufacturing method is generally based on on-site piling method, that is, placing the hydrochloric acid tank body at the place of use, then filling it with brick cement, and paying attention to the barrel body. Put some sand in contact with the bricks, and then solidify the cement brick foundation before feeding.


After the anti-corrosion tank arrives at the user's destination, the full plastic vertical product can be directly placed on the cement-filled flat surface, and the pipeline can be used immediately. Large-capacity anti-corrosion storage tanks can be laid flat on the ground and then erected. The basic requirements for the installation of hydrochloric acid storage tanks are level and can withstand the corresponding pressure. If the steel structure is used as the anti-corrosion tank installation foundation, the gap of the steel structure should not be too large. If necessary, the base surface should be covered with wood or iron plates. Since the bottom surface of a large vertical storage tank is designed to form a spherical crown when projected into a tank, it is recommended that a spherical crown corresponding to the bottom of the anticorrosive storage tank be laid on sand on a horizontal basis.


Due to the fact that some plastic tanks of the hydrochloric acid storage tank are made of softer material than the steel plate, they should be strengthened when connecting with other flanges. The flanges provided by our company are normally tightened when leaving the factory. Loosening may occur during transportation or loading and unloading. Users should check the sealing performance of anti-corrosion tanks before use, and add liquids to observe leakage. Hydrochloric acid storage tanks containing chemical liquids are best tested by water to prevent loss.

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