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How Does The Reactor Get High Temperature Quickly?

- Apr 21, 2018 -

High-pressure reactors need to work under high temperature conditions when carrying out chemical and chemical reactions. Heating methods for different reactor performances include water heating, steam heating, other medium heating, and electric heating.

1. Water heating: It can be used when the temperature is not high, and the heating system can be divided into open type and closed type. The open type is the simplest. It consists of a circulation pump, a water tank, a pipe and a regulator for the control valve. When high-pressure water is used, the mechanical strength of the reactor equipment is high, the outer surface of the reaction vessel is welded with a snake tube, and there is a gap between the snake tube and the kettle wall. As a result, the thermal resistance of the reactor increases, and the heat transfer effect decreases.

2. Hot air heating: When the heating temperature of the reactor is below 100°C, it can be heated with steam below one atmosphere pressure; saturated steam can be used within the range of 100-180°C; when the temperature of the reactor is higher, high pressure superheated steam can be used.

 3. Reactor (Hydrothermal Reactor) Heating with other media: If the process requires the reactor to be operated at high temperatures, or if high-pressure heating systems are to be avoided, other media may be used instead of water and steam.

4, the new type of reactor electric heating: The resistance wire is wound on the insulating layer of the reaction vessel body, or installed on the special insulation distance from the reactor, thus forming a resistance between the resistance wire and the reactor kettle body Large space clearance. The use of the first three methods to obtain high temperatures requires the addition of a jacket on the kettle kettle body. Due to the large temperature variation, the jacket and shell of the kettle are subjected to temperature changes and a temperature difference stress is generated. The use of electric heating, the equipment is light and easy, the temperature is easy to adjust, and do not pump, stove, chimney and other facilities.


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