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How To Remove Dirt From The Surfaces Of Antiseptic Tanks

- May 10, 2018 -

After using antiseptic storage tanks for a long time, some dirt will appear on the surface of the tanks. If you directly discard and replace anti-corrosion tanks because of this, you are not too wasteful and overly luxurious, but if you want to continue to use them, The dirt will look very uncomfortable, so how do we clean the antiseptic tank to make it clean?


First of all: You can use 84 disinfectant, the disinfectant and water ratio of 1:200 to spare, and then the entire antiseptic tank soaked in a good disinfectant for more than two hours, and then use the water to repeat it The cleaning can clean the dirt on the surface of the antiseptic tank, because the surface of the antiseptic tank is made of a special material, so if it is soaked for two hours, the dirt has not been cleaned. If so, you can extend the soaking time appropriately.


PS: Because 84 disinfectant has a relatively strong disinfection function, so everyone should try to avoid contact with the clothing and skin when soaking the antiseptic tank. Remember to be careful.

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