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Installation And Use Of Anti-corrosion Tank

- May 08, 2018 -

1. After the anticorrosive storage tank reaches the user's destination, the plastic vertical product can be directly placed on the cement-filled flat ground, and the pipeline can be used after being applied. Large-capacity anti-corrosion storage tanks can be laid flat on the ground and then erected. The bottom of the anti-corrosion storage tank is required to be flat and can accept the corresponding pressure. If the steel structure is used as the anti-corrosion storage tank, the gap of the steel structure should not be too large. If necessary, the bottom of the anti-corrosion tank should be covered with wood or iron. Because the bottom surface of a large-scale vertical storage tank is planned to form a spherical crown when projected into the tank, it is advocated that the coronal shape corresponding to the bottom of the anticorrosive storage tank is laid with sand on a horizontal root.

2. Horizontal full-plastic storage tanks (horizontal storage tanks) should be placed in the base of cement bricks. The height of the base is generally half of the tank body. The pedestal manufacturing generally adopts on-site piling method, that is, the horizontal cans are placed in the use address and then filled with brick cement, and attention is paid to put some sand in the contact surface between the barrel and the bricks, after the cement bricks are fully solidified , re-use materials.

3. For large-scale anti-corrosion storage tanks, Weixing storage tanks should use cranes and pay attention to safety when installing and shifting.

4. Anti-corrosion storage tanks should be marked clearly when storing chemicals. Adequate drainage trenches and dilution installations should be installed around the site where antiseptic tanks are placed.

6. All plastic flanges are softer than steel plates and should be strengthened when connecting with other flanges. The flanges supplied by Wuxi Weixing are normally tightened when leaving the factory. Loosening may occur during transportation or loading and unloading. Users should check the sealing function of the anticorrosive storage tank prior to use. Anti-corrosion storage tanks containing chemical liquids, it is best to test leaks with water to prevent the formation of lost.

7, anti-corrosion storage tank if the joints or flanges connected to the pipe perpendicular to the barrel wall, it is best to use a soft link, to avoid filling the liquid, the barrel wall unevenly expands up and down resulting in joints lead to loss caused by leakage, serious damage Joints and barrels.

8. When the liquid inlet is higher than the bottom of the tank, the liquid inlet should be bent toward the tank wall so that the incoming liquid falls along the tank wall, reducing the impact on the bottom.

9. When installing heavier affiliated equipment such as a mixer on the drum, or if the person needs to work on the top of the tank and the storage tank cannot accept the load, please do another shelf or ladder, and pay attention to the safety of the work.

10. If the level of the antiseptic tank cannot be controlled, an overflow port should be installed on the antiseptic tank to prevent the liquid from overflowing and causing unnecessary damage. When anti-corrosion storage tanks use medium-flow and discharge-liquid flows, they should be installed with corresponding flow vents.

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