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Installation instructions and maintenance instructions for unpowered water separators

- Apr 24, 2018 -

1. Installation instructions

   The product can be installed directly on the passage containing the sewage, and the sewage outlet can be aligned with the oil and water separator with Grand Import, and can be connected with other equipment by pipeline.

   The water separator must be adjusted to the horizontal position during installation.

   Before the first use, the equipment should be filled with tap water and the water level adjustment pipe should be adjusted so that the top of the water level adjustment pipe and the top edge of the oil spill tank are in the same level.

   The position of the water inlet pipe should be kept at a certain distance from the debris separation tank to facilitate the removal of the debris separation tank.

   Into the oily wastewater, adjust the water level adjustment pipe again until the oil drain pipe is drained and undrained.

   If the position of the drain pipe is too low, open the cover of the device and remove the oil with a tool.

   When the oil is drained, first open the drain valve, let go of the bottom part of the water, and then collect the waste oil.

  After adjusting the tube, please do not tamper with it, otherwise it will affect the water quality.

2. Equipment maintenance instructions

  After daily use, the debris on the inlet filter should be drained and cleaned. The catering industry uses hot water scrubbing to consider the oil on the Internet so as not to block the net and affect the water intake.

   After each day of use, the waste oil in the collection tank should be cleaned. The drain valve at the bottom of the tank should be opened first, a part of the water should be drained off, and then the waste oil should be collected.

   During use, the inside of the equipment should be rinsed regularly with water, usually once every half month, or as the case may be.

   Keep the equipment clean outside

3. Remarks

 The main equipment of the equipment includes equipment tank body, water outlet (oil) pipe, and vent pipe connection (wire connection or flange connection), not including various pipes and valves required for installation.

 The device size parameters are based on the actual arrival.

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