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Maintenance Contents Of Chemical Tanks

- May 31, 2018 -

   For chemical storage tanks, two of them have already been introduced. They are chemical storage tanks and anti-corrosion storage tanks. Therefore, we can say that we have some understanding and understanding of the main products of this website, at least we are familiar with them. There are two commonly used tanks, so today, starting from the whole, look at the tank from the big picture.

   A storage tank, in its popular sense, is a container that holds a substance, usually a liquid. The available materials include plastics, glass steel, ceramics, rubber, stainless steel, and the like. Among these, the good value for money is steel-lined polyethylene, mainly because it has very good internal corrosion and can be used for a long time.

   First, the storage tank inspection and maintenance

    1. If the storage tank is a dangerous medium, then we must strictly carry out inspection work, and we must not be sloppy, so as to avoid adverse problems and cause serious consequences.

    2. If the tank is flammable, it must be equipped with fire-fighting facilities, and no open flame is allowed in its area.

    3. After the internal medium is cleaned, the partitions must be processed for the connected pipelines and equipment, and the target should be set to ensure clear visibility.

    4. If you want to make a hot work in the tank, you must first apply for a good fire permit. Otherwise, it cannot be done.

    Second, the overhaul of the tank

    For a pressure vessel such as a storage tank, it is also necessary to carry out maintenance work, mainly to ensure that it can be used safely, and to improve the safety of operators and their operations. So, in the next time, we will talk about this one.

    The maintenance of storage tanks is generally divided into two major repairs and overhauls. Among them, the repair period is 60 to 120 days, and the overhaul period is 12 months. For the repair, its main task is to eliminate run, run, drip, and leak on the tank, as well as to replace some of the worn or damaged parts. The overhaul, on the basis of repairs, has been increased, such as repairs, repairs, etc., to conduct more comprehensive inspections.

For the detection, maintenance and overhaul of storage tanks, the specific content of the tanks can be known by all of them, so as to better implement them into practice and achieve satisfactory results. At the same time, these are also very good protections, allowing us to feel more comfortable with the use of tanks.

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