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Operating Procedures For Separators

- May 24, 2017 -

1. Carefully check the separator import and export pipeline, valve connection is correct, check the connection bolts are fastened;

2. Open natural gas export valve and raw material import valve, pay attention to observe liquid level indication, should make liquid level maintain between 1 2, if have abnormal phenomenon, adjust import and export valve opening degree in time, in order to achieve stable state;

3. The equipment enters the stable operation condition, observes the liquid level instruction, must not be less than 1/2, if too low, should close the small oil, the water discharge valve, backlog liquid to reach the stipulation scope again starts the normal discharge;

4. To observe the internal temperature, pressure, whether normal, to prevent over-temperature, overpressure operation, regular record, the liquid level should be recorded at the same time;

5. Excluding the dirt and silt in the equipment once every half month;

6. Pressure gauge, pressure gauge valve, safety valve and other non-operator personnel are strictly prohibited to be arbitrarily installed, open, close, etc.

7. Pay attention to the change of oil inlet temperature, prevent sand card, wax card, wax plugging and run oil accident;

8. When the separator is stopped, the liquid in the container and the pipeline should be blown;

9. Maintain the equipment and its accessories regularly.

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