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Precautions For Chemical Storage Tanks

- May 24, 2017 -

1. For storage of combustible gas, flammable liquid storage tanks, should be equipped with the necessary fire equipment, strictly prohibit smoking in the tank, open flame lighting, heating, and the source of fire into the tank area.

2. Storage tanks for flammable, explosive, poisonous and corrosive media should strictly implement the relevant provisions of dangerous goods management.

3. The power of the electrical equipment related to the tank must be cut off before the tank can be inspected and repaired, and the handover formalities must be handled.

4. After the storage tank is drained, the outlet valve or the pipe and equipment connected with the blind plate should be closed and the marked partition mark should be installed.

5. For the storage tanks containing flammable, corrosive, poisonous, or asphyxiating media, they must be treated by replacement, neutralization, disinfection and cleaning, and analyzed and tested after treatment, and the results should meet the requirements of relevant norms and standards. Non-air replacement with flammable medium is prohibited.

6. In-tank operation must be handled in-tank operation permit. For some longer time interruption of the operation, should be re-replacement of the tank operation card.

7. The oxygen content is between 18-23 (volume ratio) before entering the tank for 30 minutes to be sampled and analyzed.

8. In the tank to clean up toxic, corrosive residues, to wear good personal protective equipment.

9. The need for scaffolding and lifting equipment, must be solid and reliable, in the operation strictly prohibit throwing material tools inside and outside to ensure safe operation.

10. In-tank lighting should be used at a voltage of not more than 24 to pay explosion-proof lamps.

11. When the tank domestic demand is hot, the fire certificate must be handled.

12. In-tank operations must be provided with guardians and reliable liaison measures.

13. When the completion of the maintenance personnel and the guardianship of the Joint inspection tank inside and outside, after confirmation, the Guardian in the tank work permit signed, can be closed each hole.

14. When the pressure is tested, the atmosphere must be communicated to prevent vacuum.

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