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Precautions In Discharging Of Storage Tanks

- May 24, 2017 -

1. Receiving the instruction, the tanker valve opens to start unloading. Prepare portable hand-test-pentane alarm, test the whole filling process leak detection and have a person monitoring, found leakage, ready to close the valve, for maintenance.

2. In discharging material, the discharging operator shall not leave the discharging valve and prepare for emergency, and immediately close the discharging valve of the tanker in case of leakage.

3. The security immediately deal with the leakage of cyclohexane raw materials, a small amount of leakage: the use of nitrogen purge the goods with cotton yarn-dry cake placed in the liquid tray in the ventilation place. Mass leaks: Transfer to a ready empty bucket with a dedicated container and move quickly to the designated storage area!

4. After discharging the material time 50 minutes, the discharging operator notices the pressure change of the tanker at any time.

5. When the unloading of tanker is confirmed, the valve on the tanker is closed.

6. Attention to the control cabinet ultra-high level 90% alarm, such as alarm immediately stop unloading material.

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