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Precautions In The Use Of Heat Exchangers

- May 24, 2017 -

1. Keep the pipe network clean. Whether before or after the work is completed, it is necessary to clean the pipe network to do so in order to avoid the phenomenon of heat exchanger blockage. Also pay attention to the decontamination device and filter in a timely manner, so that the entire work completed smoothly.

2. The softening water is strictly controlled. For water quality control is very important, in the treatment of softened water quality under the premise of the first to carefully check the system of water and softening tank water quality problems, determine the qualified after the injection treatment.

3. New system inspection. For some new systems, can not be immediately alternating with the heat exchanger, the first need to put the new system in the specified time period to run, so that it has a running mode, at this time can be used in the heat exchanger into the system, to do so in order to avoid impurities in the pipe network to destroy the heat exchanger equipment.

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