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Precautions When Using Anti-corrosion Tanks

- May 09, 2018 -

The safety of anti-corrosion storage tanks has always been of concern to many people, especially when it comes to liquid storage, and more attention must be paid to it. Otherwise, serious accidents can easily occur because anti-corrosion storage tanks contain chemicals. Once a leak occurs, it will not only cause serious pollution to the environment, but also will not make use of people's health. In order to effectively avoid the occurrence of these accidents, we must do all kinds of preparatory work in advance, so let's take a look at the preservation store. What should you watch out for when the tank is in storage?

First, place

When placing anti-corrosion storage tanks on this product, it is necessary to choose a good location in advance. A drainage trench should be established around the product, and a dilution device must be installed. An overflow port should also be installed on the product. Effectively prevent the outflow of liquid, but also reduce unnecessary damage. When the product enters the liquid, due to the long flow of the liquid, it is necessary to install a vent, and it is not possible to use liquids that are not suitable for the product. Stored.

Second, the types of substances the product can store

Under normal conditions, this antiseptic product can store inorganic and organic acids, as well as alkalis and hydroxides as well as elements and gases and other inorganic compounds. At the same time, alcohols and aldehydes as well as ketones and ethers as well as esters and hydrocarbons and petroleum products can also be stored, and organic compounds and other elemental compounds as well as industrial liquids and the like can be stored. The connection pipe used in the antiseptic tank is preferably made of a soft connection, which can prevent the leakage of the liquid after the liquid is full, and the pressure of the liquid stored in this product is very large, so care must be taken. The above is the place where the product needs to pay attention when it is stored. We must pay more attention to it.

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