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Safety Of Storage Tank Before Discharging

- May 24, 2017 -

1. Security and unloading operators arrive at the scene 15 minutes ahead of schedule, security guard to prepare! Martial law area and unloading point 60 meters! The entrance of each channel is manned, and all vehicles and personnel shall be prohibited from passing through all open flames. The operator first records the liquid level data of the tank level indicator. Do all the preparatory work before discharging, such as storage tank unloading pressure, nitrogen preparation, cotton yarn preparation, copper wrench preparation and so on!

2. After receiving the discharging operator ready to notify, the security guard will send the information to the front door, and the front door security informs the tanker to enter the park to discharge the material point directly.

3. Filling the work by the professional and technical personnel responsible and unified command, by the professional training of maintenance personnel and operation of the Peja, all the staff to enter the scene of the truck driver and the martial law outside the scene should be strictly subordinate to the command of professional and technical personnel.

4. Security command tanker into unloading platform, parking, flameout!

5. Equipped with 35KG dry powder fire extinguisher 6 and enough towels. Do a good job leaking emergency measures: protective sand, cotton yarn and other materials ready.

6. By the professional inspection of the fire extinguisher seals good, certification in the validity period, check to participate in filling the staff without kindling and cigarettes, all participants must wear anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes.

7. Before commencing work, a professional technician shall inform all participating staff of the whole filling process and notes, and do a good job division, discharge operator with copper wrench demolition of the feed sealing, and tank car discharge and storage tank feed mouth docking securely, ensure no leakage.

8. Connect the ground line of the tank area with the grounding device of the tank car properly and securely! The field is led to the unloading area with nitrogen hose.

9. In the event of lightning and other bad weather prohibit discharging!

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