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Steel Lining Series Storage Tank Usage Note

- Jun 04, 2018 -

1. When the steel-lined plastic storage tanks are hoisted during transportation and installation, they shall be hoisted in the lifting lugs. If there are no lifting lugs, the steel rope strapping barrels shall be hoisted, and drop impact shall be avoided during lifting. transform.

2. Vertical steel-lined plastic storage tanks can be placed directly on a flat and firm foundation. Horizontal steel-lined plastic storage tanks must be installed on a fixed cement base.

3. Steel-lined plastic tanks contain material that must be polyethylene-resistant.

4. Other materials of steel-lined plastic storage tanks (such as level valve, flange packing, temperature measuring tube, valves, pipelines, etc.) must be resistant to material solutions.

5. The general technical drawings are not marked. The working temperature and pressure of the tank are normal temperature and pressure. The drawings indicate their working temperature and pressure. The maximum operating temperature of the characteristics of the steel-lined plastic storage tanks can be less than 90°C. The maximum working pressure is determined by the design steel plate thickness.

6. Anti-static facilities should be installed in high-resistance organic solvents.

7. When installing mechanical equipment such as pumps on the exit or entrance of steel-lined plastic storage tanks, strong vibration shall be avoided, and flanges shall be damaged. Pipeline vibration-reducing pipes shall be installed.

8. In order to increase the service life of steel-lined plastic storage tanks, it should be avoided in high-corrosion environments. It is usually necessary to check the anti-corrosion conditions of the steel body surface and do a good job of external corrosion protection of steel tanks. It can avoid high corrosion environment and do routine maintenance work.

9. In a timely manner, discover the leakage of liquid at the mouth of the flange mouth to prevent the corrosive liquid from intruding into the plastic sandwich of the steel to affect the service life.

10. Steel-lined plastic storage tanks are only suitable for containing liquids and should not contain gas or liquid solutions with gas.

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