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Tank Maintenance And Overhaul

- Jun 12, 2018 -

Ensure the safe production of enterprises, safe operation of equipment, increase the service life of equipment and labor productivity, and check and repair the running mechanical equipment to prevent mechanical failure and affect production, or mechanical accidents cause casualties, actual production, safe operation Procedures and safety maintenance management system, after research and development of this tank storage tank overhaul maintenance.

The overhaul period of the tank is generally: 60-120 days for repair, and 12 months for overhaul. In the repair: eliminate running, running, drip, leak.

Clean or replace the liquid gauge repair or replace the inlet, outlet and drain valve to clear the cooling water coil. Check repair safety valve vent flame arrestor. Repair coatings and insulation. Overhaul: Including the repair of the internal parts of the tank repairs, repairs or replaces sections of the tanks where cracks, severe corrosion, etc. are found. Repair can use polymer composite repair. According to internal and external inspection requirements, and after repair or replacement of tube sections, leak testing or hydraulic tests are required. In addition to embroidery insulation. Deal with other problems found in internal and external inspections of tanks.

Repair methods and quality standards For the repair of storage tanks, such as opening holes, repair welding, replacement of tube sections, etc., a specific construction plan should be formulated and approved by the unit's technology in accordance with the “Regulations” and other relevant standards. Repair materials (base metal, welding rod, welding wire, flux, etc.) and valves should have a quality certificate. When using old material valves, fasteners, they must be inspected before they can be used. Fasteners used to assemble storage tanks should be lubricated. Tighten the bolts one by one. Non-metallic gaskets are generally not reusable. When selecting gaskets, the corrosiveness of the medium should be considered. After inspection, it can be used for anti-corrosion and insulation work. Remediation methods and quality standards for unqualified defects in storage tanks:

1, grinding method to eliminate defects

2, repair or patch

3, replacement tube section

4, to make up

5, rapid plugging

The traditional repair welding of this type of problem cannot be solved and the danger is large. The use of replacement medium for re-welding due to the long construction period and labor intensity of the workers will result in huge losses in shutdowns and shutdowns. U.S. Mage Technology aims at different equipment, different operating conditions, and different forms of corrosion and leakage, adopting corresponding technical products, which can quickly, simply, and effectively protect equipment, especially due to the chemical corrosion resistance of polymer composites. The overall performance such as knot performance avoids the adverse effects of the traditional repair welding repair, so that the service life of the repaired equipment even exceeds the new equipment, fundamentally solves the causes of corrosion leakage, helps enterprises improve the equipment management level, and reduces maintenance and maintenance costs. , improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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