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What Matters Need To Be Paid Attention To In Chemical Tank Operations?

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Among the many types of storage tanks, chemical storage tanks are common and commonly used ones, and they are mainly used in the chemical industry, so they are called chemical storage tanks. Well, in addition to this, about the type of it, and what precautions must be mastered, so below, let's take a look.

1. Classification of Chemical Storage Tanks

Chemical storage tanks can be divided into three types: metal, non-metal, and metal non-metal composites. Among them, metals include stainless steel and aluminum, and non-metals include ceramics and fiberglass. For the third, the typical representative is steel lining material.

2. Chemical storage tank precautions

(1) If chemical storage tanks store flammable, explosive, or corrosive media, they should be operated strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, and should not be operated in violation of regulations, because this is very dangerous.

(2) If overhauling chemical storage tanks, etc., then the relevant electrical equipment power supply should be cut off before it can be carried out. If necessary, you should also handle the handover procedures for the equipment.

(3) If tank operations are carried out in chemical storage tanks, corresponding operation permits are required. If there is a long period of interruption, then you must re-apply for a job permit.

(4) In the course of the work, if scaffolding or lifting devices need to be erected, then it must be ensured that it is solid and reliable so as to ensure safe operation.

(5) In the tank operations, there must be a guardian outside the tank and reliable liaison measures should be used so that personnel outside the tank can know the operation situation in time. In the event of an emergency, effective measures can be taken immediately.

(6) The closure of manholes in chemical storage tanks should be carried out after the guardian has signed and confirmed the tank operating permit.

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